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The "Extrem Centre" is a unique offer located in the Adventure Park "La Selva de l'Aventura" from Coll de Revell. We mounted a jump site in the canopy of giant fir trees only for sensation lovers! From 25 meters hight wooden bridge you can choose between 3 adrenalin-filled activities: Bungee Jumping, the Big Swing or a Tree Running...  



After climbing 3 breathtaking
feel like a squirrel running like him down
                the tree with your head looking forward...
Fell the emptiness with only your
        feet reaching the tree...


Like Tarzan let you swing in the
   emptiness after climbing
 up to the jump site
      4 breathtaking
ladders. 25 meters jump...
    Have you ever seen such a
       Big Swing in the Rain Forest?

Centre Extrem

If you are passionate of risk and heights, we offer you here the opportunity to test yourself!.

We offer 2 activities which will make you reach your limits: Tree Running and a Big Swing.